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one landed on my head right after these were taken....aaaand i was able to recreate a picture from 6 years ago
#livingthedream #bird #birdlife
other wonderful pieces from the Blanton
amazing exhibit for Ellsworth Kelly and the chapel he designed for UT
shout out to this weather for helping everyones depression ☀️
There are no adequate words to express how I feel for you, @yggdrasil________
i love Rousseau and this weird little friend
more greats

#nationalgallery #dc #art #arthistory
Yesterday I was lucky enough to have early private access to the INCREDIBLE Vermeer show at the National Gallery. Also I’m probably going to spam other awesome works
#nationalgallery #dc #art #arthistory
Artists must suffer for their art. Thats why its called PAINting - Frank
im so excited for ❄️proper❄️ winter
unfathomably good performance
Happy Halloween
Aujourd’hui j’ai parlé beaucoup de français et je ne peux pas m’arrêter lol BUT im feelin myself and its gorgeous out
we got to hang out with bees and it was amazing. I cant wait to have my own apiary 🐝
I was able to enjoy a 20 mile bike ride in some extraordinarily beautiful places today
It's worth the hype
animal collective/fleet foxes show was dope
working on coffee table looks
I had a spectacular two weeks with some of the people I love most. 🌿💫🐋🌌⛅️
a dramatic way to enjoy the evening. Happy summer solstice! 🌕
i think this is the first selfie ive posted in over a year...ive been craving spanish food so ive spent the entire day working on 3 recipes. im so hungry it better be fucking worth it
I went for a really wonderful long walk today and saw a green heron, pileated woodpecker, and a pair of indigo buntings (twice)!
car lights make it sparkle
happy May 4th!
pc to my mom
i forgot to post for #nationalpuppyday but look at my boys and enjoy ur friday
I hope everyone feels love today. whether romantic or platonic, the world is hard and everyone should feel that they are appreciated and deserving of love.
the world is so overwhelming right now; i cant articulate how disheartening i find the new administration. naturally, i am curled up in bed reading hp drinking tea and adoring this new bunny that @yggdrasil________ got me

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