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Every so often, maybe once or twice a week, I'd get a small bit dizzy and a weird high pitched ringing in one my ea… https://t.co/oSRBVjKck9
Y’all go check out this article from @riverbeats1 Some of my extremely talented friends are featured in it 💟… https://t.co/qvgcVhdbr8
If I watched the stock market every day, I'd be dizzy. https://t.co/ugMqkqaMNt
@OutlawTriathlon @UkTriChat I’d have done it 😄 I’ve done a track marathon but I guess you might be too dizzy after the bike 😄
@mwilliamson5014 I’d turn your back on him but you’d end up dizzy
(Ah, I feel dizzy. The reason why somebody like me was able to make this far — the reason why I reached this happy… https://t.co/3fltpdPI9B
i'm almost out of soda and was planning to go for a walk to get more today but i felt really dizzy after i had my b… https://t.co/4FzEdAkoRT

Lafayette Producer Dubba D Shares Remix EP Featuring Several of Louisiana's Rising DJ's https://t.co/hbJ1rIxjal
If this happened really fast, we'd get dizzy. https://t.co/VNhGR6VRai
@alewis36 I would love to replicate the feeling of excitement and hope he gave us and the dizzy heights of top of t… https://t.co/oMAmvlsjZD
@BarristerSecret Banged my head on a table in mock frustration only to find the ends of the table were lose so that… https://t.co/mBud0eHhF8
Seeing a lot of positive stuff for Warframe and thinking that it'd be a good game to play solo. Probably stream my… https://t.co/IPEqWOjiQY
@NephilimSystema If /Dizzy/ went paralyzed, she didn’t even want to imagine how fast /she’d/ break.

“…I’m gay now.”
You may be confronted with intrigue and a touch of emotional d... More for Libra https://t.co/M4zm5w2ZBA
@izgzb we’d be dizzy and lying on the ground 😢😢
Dizzy DROS feat. Komy - RDLBAL (Official Music Video) Official music video of RDLBAL (Remix: Toot That Whoa Whoa - A1 feat. PC). Performed by Dizzy DROS & Komy. © 2018 Dizzy DROS. RDLBAL on Spotify: ...
Dizzy DROS - L'Kora 7na Maliha (Moul Ballon) Music video by Dizzy DROS performing Moul Ballon. © 2018 Dizzy DROS. Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2luY5F0 Listen on Apple Music: ...
Dizzy D - Germs ft. SupaSortahuman (prod. Block Beattaz) Dizzyd256 @Supasortahuman Directed by Judeboi @iamjudeboi Gfx: David Sakolsky (Gusto Gold Productions) @sakolsky Titles: Shedrick Pelt ...
Dizzy D - Miss Me Twitter: IMVJR_ Instagram: IMVJR_ & MOTIONPIXTURES Snapchat: itsisaac_69 website: motionpixtures.myportfolio.com shot and edited by IMVJR FILMS Artist: ...
Dizzy DROS - Paris Music video by Dizzy DROS performing ''Paris''. © 2018 Dizzy DROS iTunes: https://apple.co/2D7YMP3 Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2DlFumJ Deezer: ...
MASSIVE AIRSHIP!!! - Unturned Funny Moments (Unturned Mods + RP) we're probably breaking some regulation flying this thing without a permit. Today, my friends and I decided to play Unturned and put some whacky mods on and ...
Dizzy-D-Play Your Part(Official Music video) This Track Has a stronger message behind what is being said, This track is to encourage those who have been bullied and are planning to seek revenge to put ...
Unturned Funny Moments with Friends - COWBOY SQUAD!!! (Unturned Skits & RP) Welcome to the Wild West... well sort of. It's way blockier this time around. Today, my friends and I decided to join some random survival server and see what ...

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