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Just noticed that someone have claimed my latest video. Problem is that, the song is from #EpidemicSound 🤦🏼‍♂️
Chatting about things I learned while I filmed a skateboarding short film . Sound design was one of them and I use… https://t.co/ta8Cc95Okj
Made a relaxing time lapse yesterday, didn't think I would upload it but the music fits rather nicely I think.… https://t.co/l3Osnfq9vC
NEW from Epidemic Sound Join Shameless Maya in this episode of Music Matters as she talks about music and how it in… https://t.co/iaoIw7Eyb8

「今ちょうど登録方法が知りたかったとこだよ〜」という方のために、登録方法をご紹介します。… https://t.co/6hKvEjt07W
SVT is using music from #EpidemicSound. Did not see that coming 😏 #Melodifestivalen
@epidemicsound Such a succulent and delicious video‼️😀👌🏻😋
#awesome #epidemicsound #vidaliscious
On the side of #VReel we run a small digital #marketing agency. That's actually how we came up with the entire idea… https://t.co/AX8mCvM5Db

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