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*NEW* 'MojiMoji' Digital Stickers are now available to download for FREE! These stickers are extra special as some… https://t.co/vE7oExxHeC
Hot Diggity Dawg! We think you are totally awesome! Who do you think is awesome? Tag them below! #flossyandjim… https://t.co/IMoqjHuZxL
Open your phone with pictures instead of boring numbers? We are in! Give your phone a makeover and keep it safe all… https://t.co/Bnn1C9RHj2
*RoAr!* It's a new week! Time to show them what you are made of... go cause an uproar! You got this! 
.… https://t.co/UkYfRjvKrY
Do you know someone who just had a new potato (baby)? Why not send them a rainbow potato card! It's what all new pa… https://t.co/PrEUdj4SMY
Colourful Flossy and Jim cases and covers now available to buy! Just shop 'Cases and Covers' (Link in bio.) 

.… https://t.co/A1DiL3VDOp
The latest blog post is out now and it's all about HaPpInEsS! Check it out here: https://t.co/nVoh0liYzh or link in… https://t.co/0HBgtQEo2c
Express your inner Veggie with the 'Veggie For Life' clothing range! Available now: https://t.co/xQp67br5xw
.… https://t.co/EyLLFgxb9O
This is your weekly reminder that YOU are out of this world! You are amazing, tough and above all, YOU are YOU! Kee… https://t.co/NJ8TfgV69m
Here to make your life sunnier, funnier and a happier place to be! Tell us what makes YOU happy!?
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Space dog kids clothing?! Now that really is out of this world! Shop now at https://t.co/VacdcuDwn8
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Have you always dreamt of having a narwhal for a pet?! Now your dreams can come true! Your very own narwhal is just… https://t.co/K8cZVTeufg
Good luck and good vibes to everyone going back to school this week! What is your fave thing about school? 

.… https://t.co/UeQlaGhhHD
Our mission (which we chose to accept) is to make YOU smile and to make YOU feel happy, with our drawings! Tell us… https://t.co/A60zPEiIs1
Llama emojis! Unicorn emojis! Sloths, Hotdogs, Narwhals! We have all types of emojis and digital stickers to make y… https://t.co/8pgy2yJeNy
SHUT UP! (Only joking!) We think people should talk more actually - so why not download the latest 'Llamarama' stic… https://t.co/aDOyjgE1aU
Do you know a lil' pudding? Christmas clothing now available! Shop here: https://t.co/NlXEBedrb4 for cool kids clot… https://t.co/jlIzAKJZPb

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