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Friends, drinks, and BASEBALL!!! @Athletics Saturday night baseball! And Camie caught a ball!! #RootedInOakland Ath… https://t.co/JcHbQ3L6Mu
Primero un hit que se marca como error y ahora Benintendi llega a salvo a 1ra y lo decretan out por botar la línea… https://t.co/nF8zWKandH
Hahahahaha wowwwwww #RedSox #Oakland #Sad . Third skeptical call to keep this no hitter alive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇 https://t.co/E8fhwA8zRi
Alerta de NO HITTER en #Oakland 📣📣 Sean Manaea en 6 entradas contra los #RedSox
Hey @ByChrisMason, I’m heading to the @RedSox game tomorrow in #Oakland. Who’s pitching? What are your predictions?
Looking for a career change? We are looking for candidates just like you! Join a team of committed Sunstate Equipme… https://t.co/W2rbjqTTik
Wow Manea has a no hitter. red Sox being no hit. Crazy how no hitters work. How awesome would it be for the Red Sox… https://t.co/pLuh1vF6zl
Finally feel like we really live here now. #Oakland #home #hardfought
New Single from @roddcrooks "Trap Wit U" (GOD) is buzzing in the Bay Area. He's creating his own movement. Check it… https://t.co/tkDJtQqndj
It’s a wrap! Love to see generational change at #TECHxOAK !! We are the building the future TODAY! Inclusive tech… https://t.co/gP5Fclzll2
Tried out an Ethiopian place in Oakland, yum! It’s been over a year since we last had Ethiopian food and it’s not s… https://t.co/acoCCdiSSp
Jed Lowrie is hotter than Richard Gere’s blowhole after a gerbil run. #As #Oakland
#Oakland grabs a run off of Jed Lowrie's RBI double. #Redsox batting in the top of the second.

OAK - 1
BOS - 0

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