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I’ll gladly agree to disagree we are all BVBarmy. I was just speaking out on something I felt needed to be said. #opinionsarelikeassholes
It’s hilarious that when you have an opinion about something ppl wanna bring up something else to compare it to you… https://t.co/5kjkr41Hn6
Oh no, I'd rather hang out with you than somebody like #Kanye, I'm trying to make it in #life,
he's #crazy and you… https://t.co/heOYIzRuJc
@flylibrarygirl @aboundingk @AbsolutelyQuad @GBlock8507 Right! & when they are wrong it’s “Y’all too serious for me… https://t.co/ZBWEJl6UiD
MMA is the greatest sport in the world #opinionsarelikeassholes
there’s a huge difference in arguing with an opinion someone has and arguing with FALSE INFORMATION they claim as a… https://t.co/agXykY1lVa

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