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hai good lookin its 420 somewhere u should try some arrogant cat mggic. #weed
When u know u should start buying Christmas gifts ... but weed first 😅 #waxlife #bitchonbudget #girlswhogrow #weed… https://t.co/UNXlG2YOdw
@JeffreyGuterman I rather smoke #weed then put harmful prescription drugs in my system.. that may cause harmful si… https://t.co/K63GxPTjs0
What we're listening to - When I get low, I get high: https://t.co/mdHqXgwceK
Read on for the best jokes:… https://t.co/7prYLf9ZaU
Doughnuts 🍩 Padded Pipe Pouch @pouchapalooza 🍁 Cute munchies to keep your stuff cozy! 🙂 Hundreds more to choose fro… https://t.co/19GLWU8PKu
Cuando vas al bosque a meditar y se te olvida el encendedor 👽
#THC #weed #Mexico https://t.co/HrSQQuJqYf
$UPPR Upper Streets Growing Springs Holdings Corp. Finance to Dispensary Operation https://t.co/4GiM74srLs
#ad… https://t.co/fscnEMjx1T
It’s the HALL OF FADE! These people and characters inspire pot fans the world over — so we’re showing our love with… https://t.co/aZDevVj6Q3
The grass is always greener on the Leafpon app. 😉👍🏻 Download the Leafpon app today, available on the App Store:… https://t.co/FwnBXioivw
Fruits galore! 🍎🍈🍉🍊🍋🍍#criticalmass What's you favorite fruity smell expressed in cannabis? #cannabis… https://t.co/6ykCPhjvrP
@weewuu this post came up today from 4 years ago FB from Clown-
"My old friend @weewuu is making a Rick Simpson oil… https://t.co/WSCnGeORCY
I don't endorse #weed, but #iLikeWeed. It's a good drug for me, always has been. My rules of thumb are:
1. High qua… https://t.co/EJ2RPVDTvh
Everyone should just grow their own Weed. It’s so easy. It grows like a Weed with a Full Spectrum LED Light Bulb.… https://t.co/U85FWrNNHZ
The newly passed farm bill that allows for the farming of hemp, will boost the production of CBD. This is yet anot… https://t.co/B3Htbys2xR

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